Why Do So Many TEM Deployments in Asia Pacific Fail?

(Published on LinkedIn May 2nd, 2017) Over the last many years in our engagements with our multinational customers, we, at StrateValue, have seen TEM deployments in Asia Pacific either stall or fail. Granted, we’ve also seen successful TEM deployments but, truth be told, those are few and far between.  Why has this been so? Asia PacificContinue reading “Why Do So Many TEM Deployments in Asia Pacific Fail?”

A Fresh New Beginning!

We’ve also revamped our service offering to bring additional capabilities to our clients in Asia Pacific.  Our three core service lines are complementary when combined as one large offering or they can each stand independently on their own merit to drive benefits to our customers. Moving forward, we will also begin blogging about issues that matter to our clients within the core areas ofContinue reading “A Fresh New Beginning!”